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Modal Box Input

Simply a Modal Box that display a form for input data

Getting Started

npm install modal-box-input --save

Simple Use

get boxclass from module

var boxClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").ModalBoxInput;
var Box = new boxClass("title", "message", ["input 1 name", "input 2 name" ... "input n name"], ["ok button text", "reset button text"]);
    //do something with array of name/value input
    //   {name:"input 1 name", value:"value of input 1"}
    //   {name:"input 2 name", value:"value of input 2"}
    //   ..... 
    //   {name:"input n name", value:"value of input n"} 
    //    ];

and now


Here Example


for styling Box class automatically insert a tag

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../node_modules/Modal-Box-Input/dist/ModalBoxInput.css">

if your path is different you can use

currentCssFile = "../node_modules/Modal-Box-Input/dist/ModalBoxInput.css";
public setCssFileName(filename:string)//currentCssFile ="../node_modules/Modal-Box-Input/dist/[filename]";
public setCssFilePath(filepath:string)//currentCssFile = "../[filepath]/ModalBoxInput.css";
public setCssBasePath(filebase:string)//currentCssFile = "[filebase]node_modules/Modal-Box-Input/dist/ModalBoxInput.css";

to set a different location for css stylesheet or copy ModalBoxInput.css in your index folder and set css file so:

public setCssFile(filepath:string)//currentCssFile = [filepath];


it's also possible validate the input applying validation rule

first get validationRule class

var VRClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").validationRule;
// var rule = new VRClass("input name", function(value_valueof_input){//code that return a boolean}, "error message");
var username0 = new VRClass("username", function(val){return (val!=null && val!=undefined && val.length>0)?true:false;}, "field can't be empty");
var username1 = new VRClass("username", function(val){return (val.length>3)?true:false;}, "field length must be > 3");
var password0 = new VRClass("password", function(val){return (val!=null && val!=undefined && val.length>0)?true:false;}, "field can't be empty");
var password1 = new VRClass("password", function(val){return (val.length>3)?true:false;}, "field length must be > 3");

and now (before open) set validation rule

Box.setValidationRule([username0, username1, password0, password1]);

insert rules in a sequence that run by more generic to more specific rule Here Image of an Example

Validation Update

by this release are available default validation functions obtained by DefaultRules class; first get an istance of DefaultRules class:

var DRClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").DefaultRules;
var DR = new DRClass();

DR has this Default Functions

DR.NOT_EMPY //no parameters
DR.EQUAL//single number parameter 
DR.MIN_LENGTH(min)//single number parameter evaluate (input val) >= min
DR.MAX_LENGTH(max)//single number parameter evaluate (input val) <= max
DR.BETWEEN(min, max)//two number parameter evaluate (input val)>= min && (input val)<= max

Here a complete example:

var boxClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").ModalBoxInput;
var DRClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").DefaultRules;
var ValRuleClass = require("Modal-Box-Input").validationRule;

var Box = new boxClass("New Account", "Complete your subscription", ["Name", "Surname", "Username", "Password", "Email"]);
var DR = new DRClass();
var name0 = new ValRuleClass("Name", DR.NOT_EMPTY, "field can't be empty");
var name1 = new ValRuleClass("Name", DR.BETWEEN(3, 20), "field lenght must be >= 3 && <= 20");

var surname0 = new ValRuleClass("Surname", DR.NOT_EMPTY, "field can't be empty");
var surname1 = new ValRuleClass("Surname", DR.BETWEEN(3, 20), "field lenght must be >= 3 && <= 20");

var username0 = new ValRuleClass("Username", DR.NOT_EMPTY, "field can't be empty");
var username1 = new ValRuleClass("Username", DR.BETWEEN(3, 20), "field lenght must be >= 3 && <= 20");

var password0 = new ValRuleClass("Password", DR.NOT_EMPTY, "field can't be empty");
var password1 = new ValRuleClass("Password", DR.BETWEEN(8, 40), "field lenght must be >= 8 && <= 20");

var email0 = new ValRuleClass("Email", DR.NOT_EMPTY, "field can't be empty");
var email1 = new ValRuleClass("Email", DR.BETWEEN(4, 30), "field lenght must be >= 4 && <= 30");

function SimplyEmailCheck(val){
    if(val.indexOf("@")!=-1 && val.indexOf(".")!=-1)return true;
    return false;
var email2 = new ValRuleClass("Email", SimplyEmailCheck, "field isn't a valid Email");

Box.setValidationRule([name0, name1,
                       surname0, surname1,
                       username0, username1,
                       password0, password1,
                       email0, email1, email2]);

    //  {name:"Name", value:"value of Name field"},
    //  {name:"Surname", value:"value of Surname field"},
    //  {name:"Username", value:"value of Username field"},
    //  {name:"Password", value:"value of Password field"},
    //  {name:"Email", value:"value of Email field"},


Modal-Box-Input error data

Modal-Box-Input correct data

Modal-Box-Input res data


Documentation Here

Built With






Luigi Senzamici


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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